Any residential or commercial security system would benefit tremendously from adding a restricted key system, which offers an exceptionally high level of protection and command. If you have a restricted key system, only an authorised person can make copies of the keys, and the only person who can cut new keys will be the master locksmith who created the design in the first place.

It is crucial to your company’s safety that you can distribute keys while having the peace of mind that those keys cannot be duplicated without prior authorisation. The best method to maintain control of your company’s safety is to ensure that your limited key design system is always up to date with the most recent developments in this field.

Locks Will Be More Secure Than With A Standard Key System

The keys used in a restricted key system are one-of-a-kind in terms of their appearance; they are also protected by a patent, which means that only authorised individuals can make copies of them. This eliminates the security headaches that can arise from stolen, lost, and unauthorised copies of keys, all of which are possible with a standard key system.

You Will Have Greater Access To, And Control Over, Your Security System

It is possible to personalise restricted key systems in such a way that they grant varying degrees of access to different key holders, including the ability to use a universal master key. Thanks to this security measure, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing exactly who has access to which parts of your home or place of business at all times.

Detailed And Accurate Record Of Your Keys

At South Coast Locksmiths, we maintain comprehensive records of your restricted key system. You will always be aware of the total number of copies that have been cut, the date that the copies were cut, and the person who authorised the cutting.

Picking Locks Will Prove To Be An Immensely More Challenging Process

Because the keys in a restricted key system are designed with a more distinctive and intricate design than the keys in a standard key system, it is much more difficult to pick a lock that is part of a restricted key system or for another key to open it. This is because the design of the keys in a restricted key system makes it more difficult for another key to open the lock.

Implementing A Restricted Key System

Contacting a master locksmith is the simplest and most secure way to put a restricted key system in your home or place of business. A locksmith with a master licence from the New South Wales Police Force is called a master locksmith. This assures that you are working with a locksmith with a significant amount of expertise, is professional, and is qualified and licenced following the locksmith regulations of the state of NSW and the territory of NSW.

An industry-wide code of ethics and standards of conduct is something that we, as master locksmiths, adhere to. This ensures that your limited key system will never have a copy made by a master locksmith who is not authorised.