An electromagnetic lock, also called a “maglock,” is a locking device comprising an electromagnet and an armature plate. It is one of the safest and most reliable locks for your property. They are quick and easy to set up.

Two Types of Magnetic Locks


Fail-safe locking devices unlock when the power goes out. A “fail-safe” magnetic lock needs the power to stay locked. Because it can be turned off by cutting the power supply, it is usually not good for high-security applications. So, applications can be made by adding a magnetic bond sensor to the lock and using a power supply with a battery backup.


A lock that is fail-secure stays locked when the power goes out.The magnetic lock’s electromagnet part is a door frame, and the armature plate is a door. When the door is shut, these two parts touch each other.

Electromagnetic locks work well for fire safety emergency exit doors because they don’t have any moving parts. This makes them less likely to break than other locks, like electric strikes.When you compare the strength of new magnetic locks to that of old door locks, the new ones are much better. Also, running it costs less. Since electromagnetic locks don’t work with a door’s levers or doorknobs, a separate button should be near the door to turn off the lock’s power. Pressing this button sets a timer that keeps the lock open for 15 or 30 seconds.

How Do Magnetic Locks Work?

Electromagnetism is used to control the whole locking mechanism of a magnetic lock. The magnetic force is made by an electric current running through it. Because the doors are stronger, they can withstand pressure and can’t be forced open without the confirmed access method. It has an electromagnet force that is strong enough to keep doors from being opened, making it a great security feature.

Magnetic locks use very strong magnets to keep gates shut or locked together. You can only get them out if you turn off the power to the magnetic lock. They work with all electric gates that swing open but not with solar gates. The pros are that there are no moving parts so nothing can get stuck or break.Magnetic locks need the power to stay locked. This makes them fail-safe, so they can be used on doors that lead to emergency exits.

What To Do With A Magnetic Lock

Most big hotels, businesses, and apartment buildings use electromagnetic locks because they are reliable, easy to install, and, most importantly, safe.The top corner is the sole thing holding the door closed. Therefore it must be robust. If a mag lock is put on a flimsy door, the bottom corner (opposite the hinge) will be exceedingly weak. The door has the potential to bend out of shape or perhaps break. To fight this, a stronger door or a tiny bolt inserted at the bottom can be fitted to prevent burglars from simply shattering the door with excessive force.

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