Key in Knob Locks

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While deadbolts are widely used, key in knob locks present a discreet method for fortifying exterior doors. Embedded within the doorknob, these locks deliver heightened security without compromising the overall aesthetics, seamlessly blending functionality and style for a comprehensive door security solution. Continue reading to learn what makes key in knob locks a discrete option to secure your home:

Hidden Locking Mechanism

With key in knob locks, the locking cylinder seamlessly integrates into the knob hardware, preserving the door’s clean lines compared to a bulky deadbolt installation. There are no visible bolts, just a tiny keyhole, making it an ideal choice for doors seeking an uncluttered and sophisticated appearance.

Enhanced Physical Security

Despite their subtle profile, key-in-knob locks are highly secure. A deadlocking cylinder engages solid metal or carbide tabs into the strike plate cavity, creating a strong, tamper-resistant barrier against forced entry. Pick resistance is also excellent, ensuring robust protection for your peace of mind.

Ease of Operation

The locking mechanism is positioned centred on the door knob for convenient access. Users simply insert the key and turn to engage or disengage the lock. There is no stooping to reach a low deadbolt. The centred knob location allows easy operation for all family members, promoting accessibility and user-friendly security. The intuitive, upright positioning makes key in knob locks effortless for even children and elderly users.

Flexible Functionality

Many key in knob locks allows you to unlock the exterior knob while keeping the interior locked. This enables convenient entry from outside while maintaining security from within. Some models also offer passage capability to unlock both sides simultaneously. The customisable functionality ensures key in knob locks can meet a home’s unique access needs. Their flexibility makes key in knob locks an ideal choice for homes wanting layered entry control.

Available in Multiple Styles

Key in knob locks come in a wide variety of decorative styles. Choose ornate Victorian looks with glossy finishes for formal entryways. Opt for streamlined, satin nickel knobs on modern doors. Find options matching your current hardware for a cohesive look throughout the home. The extensive design selections let you seamlessly incorporate security into any architectural style.

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